God Can Campaign

The "God Can" Campaign is an effort to raise funds for our new children's wing.  This wing will provide spacious classrooms for preschoolers (infants through kindergarten).  It contains an upstairs room around 2800 sq.ft for children's church.  The wing also includes a commons area that connects this preschool space with our present worship space.  The commons includes an inviting coffee bar with room for fellowship for people of all ages.  

The building contains approximately 9500 square feet, the projected cost for the building itself is around $522,000.  This equates to $55/square foot.  The reason we have been able to construct this building at such an affordable rate is because of the contribution of countless hours by skilled volunteer workers, both from our church and from the Texas Baptist Men who spent two weeks on our sight, helping primarily with the interior framing.

This cost, however, does not include other priorities that we believe are very important for our church.  In addition to the building, we have already made a $59,000 investment in a top of the line playground environment.  Also the new wing will have an elevator and state of the art audio, visual, and lighting (AVL) capabilities for the upstairs worship space, the downstairs classrooms and the commons area.  We estimate the cost of the elevator to be $45,000 and the cost of the AVL needs is $42,000.  This brings our total fundraising needs to $687,000.  

Here is Where we Stand

We are grateful for all who have so graciously partnered with us in this endeavor.  Here are some of the things that are very important for us to communicate to anyone who wishes to have a part in bringing this project to completion.

  • 1)Our regular giving comes first.  During Old Testament times, the people were instructed to bring their tithes in order to provide for the needs of the priests, the poor in the land, and the upkeep of the temple.  Any special offerings the people gave were to be given only after this "firstfruitswere given.  In a similar way, giving to this project should come only after our faithfulness to our regular giving, whether it be to Lakeview or whatever church we currently belong to. 

  • 2)We should give as God moves our hearts.  Again, considering the example we find in the Old Testament, when it came time for the people to give their gifts for the tabernacle, it was to be a freewill offering in addition to their tithes.  How much were they to give?  Thy were instructed to give as God moved their hearts.  And this is how we should give to this project as well.  We  should ask God to move our hearts with the amount He wished for us to give.

  • 3) No one should come empty handed.  Even though the people were instructed to give as God moved their hearts, all were instructed to bring at least something.  God cares more about the heart than the amount, and even the smallest amount is pleasing to Him if this is what He prompts the giver to bring.  One of the goals we have is not just the total amount given.  Our goal is to have a very high percentage of our church family that actually gives something.

  • 4) Leadership should set the example.  Our goal is not to enable others to know what we give .  Our gifts are for the Lord and are therefore to remain confidential.  However, it is important for the church to know that the leadership is setting the example. All of Lakeview's church staff and deacons have committed to giving their "firstfruits" (regular giving) to the Lord first.  Then they are also participating in the "God Can" Campaign as God moves their hearts.  Drawing again from the Scriptural example, King David set the example in his giving when it came time to gather resources for the temple.  He also revealed the specific amounts he would be giving, not in order to draw attention to himself, but to allow the nations to know he was doing his part.  In keeping with this example, Pastor Chet and his wife have pledged to give $200 a month over a year's time ($2400 for the year) toward this project during the fiscal year, October 2016-September 2017.  He will continue to be sensitive to God's leadership if additional resources become available to give during the year.  He will give his amount through the entire year, even if the goal is reached before the end of the year, and he will continue giving beyond September 2017 if the goal is not reached by that time.

Here are some practical things we would like you to be aware of  concerning this fundraiser.

  • 1) As indicated above, our goal is to raise the funds necessary during the fiscal year, October 2016-September 2017.
  • 2)Those who wish to participate are asked to provide an indication of what they plan to give by filling out a pledge card.  In no way does this indicate an obligation on the part of those who pledge.  No follow-up will take place from the church that in any way places pressure on those who have pledged to complete their pledge.  The pledge simply enables us to know how to plan, and it helps each of us who pledge to have a plan to follow through with.

You can pick up a pledge card at The Connection Table in our Worship Center on Sundays.  You may also click here to fill out a pledge form online.  Finally, you can download a pledge form online. and return it to Lakeview Fellowship 9940 Morris Dido Rd. Ft. Worth, TX  76179

  • 3) A one-year line of credit has been secured in order to allow the construction to continue while the one year pledges come in.  This line of credit charges interest only at a rate of 4.25% for one year.  The more funds that are given early in the process are , the less necessary it will be for us to rely on this one year line of credit.
  • 4) Dedication Bricks can be purchased for your contributions.  A 4x8 brick (regular size) can be purchased for every contribution of $100.  An 8x8 brick can be purchased for every contribution of $200.  Because the new building is for children, we encourage contributors to dedicate bricks to those who had a spiritual influence in their lives during childhood. 

For instruction about purchasing and engraving a dedication brick, please click here.

We are extremely grateful for your heart to partner with us in bringing this project to completion.  If you have any questions at all, please contact the church office at 817-236-7274 or emailing us sharon@lakeviewfellowship.com